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Why have I received a payment reminder?

Written 6 months ago

You have placed an order and you received a payment reminder. How did that happen? We send a reminder for payment 14, 7, 3 days before payment is due, on the payment date itself and then 3, 7, 14 days after the payment was due. 

It is important to pay on time, otherwise, there is a chance that additional costs will be added. Please note that it can take us up to 3 business days to process the payment.

Have you paid, but yet received a reminder?

In this case, the payment is probably not linked to the order. Please contact our customer service and send us proof of payment, such as a bank statement. 

This way we can find the payment and link it to the order. The proof of payment should show:

Payment by bank transfer

  • Amount in £
  • Name bank sender (if possible with logo)
  • Reference (invoice number/client id)
  • IBAN (or account number + sort code) receivers account
  • IBAN (or account number + sort code) senders account
  • Date

Payment by credit card

  • Amount in £
  • Name bank sender (if possible with logo)
  • Stripe payment code
  • Date
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